Photo by Tom Starkweather

Photo by Tom Starkweather

Adam Zuniga

Adam Zuniga strives to be the prettiest man in craft beer or most beer savvy actor in entertainment. After a star studded turn as Mr. Chong in ‘What Happens In Vegas’ and with several years of beer sales under his belt, Zuniga decided to hit the road. He is the creator, writer, executive producer and host of 'The Six Most Metal Breweries'. Likewise, one of a hundred certified beer experts to hold the title Advanced Cicerone® as well as BJCP Judge, founding member of Some Green Productions and writer/producer of ‘Bierleichen Das Movie’. Based in New York City, hails from Texas, though everyone thinks he’s from California.

First Metal Beer: Stone 17th Anniversary Götterdämmerung IPA

First Metal Show: White Zombie with The Melvins


Derek Ingber

Derek Ingber has worked in the entertainment industry for nearly 20 years, bringing his heavy metal attitude and passion to all projects as producer/editor no matter the content. Born and raised on Long Island, Derek moshed around the country professionally from Tampa to Los Angeles working for various TV networks along the way. Upon returning to NYC, he joined forces with Some Green Productions as a founding member, editing their first project 'Bierleichen Das Movie'.

First Metal Beer: Lost Abbey Lost & Found Ale

First Metal Show: Pantera with Type O Negative

Photo by Daryl Shaw

Photo by Daryl Shaw

Jeremy Batchelor

Jeremy Batchelor was born and raised in Brooklyn, starting his career in show business as a musician and playing bass in several NYC area bands. After his last group fell apart, he decided to give television production a shot. Since 2007, Jeremy has worked on such projects as 'Dog the Bounty Hunter', 'Parking Wars', '7 Deadly Sins' and DP of 'Bierleichen Das Movie', completing the power trio as co-founder at Some Green Productions.

First Metal Beer: Stone Double Bastard Ale

First Metal Show: Metallica with Danzig and Suicidal Tendencies